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  Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach
                       the gospel to every creature."
Nothing happens when I press Play on a media window. This almost always means that the church has not yet started broadcasting.  If you are not certain as to whether the broadcast has started, please bear with us and wait a little while. If you miss any services, you can download them by double-clicking on the sermon title in the schedule of services.

In rare cases, Windows Media Player 11 prevents you from viewing our broadcasts due to internet security. You may need to configure your firewall to allow it. The most common fix is as follows:
     1) In the Player, on the Tools menu, click Options.
     2) In the Options dialog box, on the Player tab, click Connect to the Internet.
This overrides all of your other commands and should fix the problem. For more information, click here

Some proxy servers (for networks) at schools or workplaces prevent our media from streaming properly. You may still be able to download our archives and watch them on your computer. Note that video files are large and may take several hours to download on slower connections.         
There is no media player window visible on the church’s page. To watch or listen to the broadcasts, you must have Windows Media Player integrated into your browser. This usually works the best in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you have any trouble, try using an Internet Explorer type browser and make sure you have a Windows Media Player component or program installed on your computer. To get the required plug-in, download this file

Alternately you may double-click on the link ‘Mac or Firefox Users’. This should open up Windows Media Player outside of your Internet browser.
There is no sound from the broadcast. While sound should be played along with video, it sometimes does not come up. Make sure your speakers are turned on and your system does not have sound muted. (On most windows computers, sound can be muted and unmuted in a menu attached to the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.)

If it still does not come up, try pressing Stop and Play again on the media window or reload the page. If all efforts fail, please send a message to the church by using the form on the right and we will check things on our end.
The broadcast does not automatically start You may need to press the Play button on windows media player. The window should say "connecting", then "buffering" with a percentage. When the percentage reaches 100%, the media should play. If it does not, reload the page.
Video is overly slow or lagging. This problem usually occurs on slow connections that cannot handle the video broadcast. However, even high speed connections occasionally are a bit lagged. If the video seems choppy or behind, press the Stop button and then the Play button again. If it doesn't work fine, reload the page.

Note: A video connection may also function slowly if you are using a great deal of your bandwidth at the same time (downloading, another video feed, etc.)
I'm using a Macintosh Computer Yes, you can still view our broadcasts, but you will probably need to download the Windows Media Plugin and the Media Player for Mac